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How to start a project in social distancing conditions?

Use Peer-To-Peer Video Calls to talk to your customers.

Video calls is becoming an essential part of life, Myarea app helping enhance customer experience. It will help a lot in improving sales provide better support.

If a customer has a question, they visit your website and try to contact the support team via live chat. Myarea app makes it fast to fix any issues. Video calls will help you to tackle any challenges they may experience while using your product. When a customer needs you most, you’ll be right here.

Adapt your business to the new normal.

Right now we are a living in a historic moment. Businesses and individuals are quickly having to adjust to the financial impact, the change in work environment and new expectations for how we interact.

"What is our ‘new normal?’" During the pandemic we have seen businesses close their doors, some change processes and procedures to remain open, and some even change their entire business model overnight.

Start projects remotely. Your work on a metered Video Call.

When a customer needs someone to do work on a project, e.g. repair his Air Conditioning, his choices are to search for a service professional on CraigsList. Little chance to find any because craigslist has few ads. Second option is to do a search on Google. Plenty of links. Mostly paid advertisements and it is hard to decide which one is right choice.

The frustration of delayed responses to our needs can be overwhelming at first. We feel less in control when we can’t just go ask a person about our problem face-to-face and they’re not immediately responding to our messages. Myarea app helps us to eliminate this inconvenience.

Complete projects with minimal contact.

Myarea app give people an opportunity to always stay in touch without any effort. For businesses, it means easy communication with clients and partners, as an efficient workflow. A paid video call can be a sustainable service or part of your own infrastructure specific to your business needs.

Keep your distance and ... keep your income.

The benefits from Myarea app are considerable. No one would need to lose their job or income source as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. This funding would entirely eliminate the economic harm that would otherwise hit social businesses (e.g. those in tourism, restaurants, entertainment) and prevent a major economic hit on ancillary businesses. It would also prevent a collapse in the real estate market, by allowing people engaged in both the commercial real estate and residential rental industries to pay their mortgages.